Reckless driving can accidently take just a few seconds to cause the disaster. A call to the cell phone, which caused our eyes to deviate from the road can result in auto accident due to distraction and such reckless behavior. A strong discussion with one of the passengers, which caused our spirits to be altered and diverted our attention from the steering wheel can also prove to be dangerous as per reckless driving VA law. Only a few seconds, and our lives can change completely. Do you know how many types of distractions drivers are exposed to while driving their vehicle? The answer may surprise you a lot.

Reckless driving is a class 1 misdemeanor carrying maximum punishment of $2,500 fine, 6 DMV points, 6 months’ suspension of driver’s license, and jail time for 12 months as per reckless driving VA law.  There is a continuous disconnection between what is perceived as dangerous and what is done anyway due to distracted and/or reckless driving. In spite of the constant awareness campaigns of the government and private entities, a large part of the drivers in the United States persist in be imprudent while they are at the wheel.

Last year the telecommunications company AT & T, during the launch of its awareness campaign ” It can wait “, published an investigation that, among many things, show us really alarming data regarding how it is that drivers are distracted while driving, besides violating reckless driving VA law. Of 2,067 people who drive at least once a day and who also have a Smartphone:

  • 4 out of 10 people check their social accounts while driving
  • 3 out of 10 people surf the internet while driving
  • 1 in 10 people hold video call sessions while driving

Among the many activities that drivers admitted to perform with a Smartphone, while they were driving, are the following:

  • Text messages (61%)
  • Email (33%)
  • Surf the net (28%)
  • Facebook (27%)
  • Take “Selfies” / Photos (17%)
  • Twitter (14%)
  • Instagram (14%)
  • Record videos (12%)
  • Snapchat (11%)
  • Video calls (10%)

But not only activities related to smartphones can be considered as distractions. However, violating reckless driving VA law is always risky. Eating and drinking, discussing or conversing with one or more passengers, listening to music in high volume, caring for pets that are free in the back seat, are just some of the activities related to distracted driving. According to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, traffic accidents become 23 times more likely to happen if the driver is distracted.

Let us demonstrate our responsibility and commitment for our safety and that of others by optimally complying with reckless driving VA law and other traffic rules. When we drive, let’s do it by putting all our attention on the road and what happens inside it. Let’s help with our commitment to reduce the high rates of traffic accidents caused by distraction while driving. And if it’s about security, do not think about it anymore! In addition, if you are accused of reckless driving, retain a well-versed attorney to help yourself alleviate the consequences and punishments.