Virginia Dui Laws

If you are drunk and driving in Virginia, then it will be considered as a violation of traffic law. Alcohol is among those substances that reduce the ability of a person to drive a motor vehicle. DUI in the state of Virginia includes prescription drugs in addition to illegal drugs, both of them may cause DUI changes in Virginia. Driving after you have used drugs, either medicines or even alcohol will be considered the violation of traffic law and may be penalized for DUI charges. The orders of a doctor do not serve as a defense against charges for driving under the influence of drugs. There are various drugs due to which the alertness, concentration and motor abilities of drivers are affected, so they are considered as dangerous than alcohol.

Measurement of Drug Poisoning

Driving with a blood alcohol concentration above a certain level, usually 0.08 percent or more, is illegal in all 50 states. The alcohol from the body can easily be segregated from the body, so it is relatively easy to check the concentration of alcohol in the body. And since breathalyzer tests are reasonably accurate, readings of 0.0 percent or more result in a formal conviction or conviction for DUI charges if the arrested driver was carried out by the relevant protocol. For example, the psychoactive component of marijuana (THC) can be detected in the urine or bloodstream of a person up to four or five weeks after having consumed, and there is no way to identify, conclusively, the actual poisoning at a specific time. Cocaine, on the other hand, is usually cleansed from the body after only a day or two. In the state of Virginia. “Drug Recognition Experts” (DRE), specially trained police officers are present who follow specific guidelines to determine drug intoxication in drivers.

The DREs carefully examine the eye movements, behavior and other details of a person that indicate a drug influence. In general, the presence of drugs is measured through a urine test or a blood sample. Although it is not easy to execute driving charges against a driver who is under the influence of certain drugs as compared to alcohol. These DUI laws establish that it is illegal to drive a motor vehicle with any detectable amount of certain drugs in the person’s body.

Some drugs that are purchased legally at a pharmacy, whether prescribed by a doctor, can also be dangerous as alcohol and can lead to a DUI.

Officer may arrest you for the DUI if your BAC level is higher.

If you less than 21 years old then BAC limit is 0.02%, whereas if you are 21 years old, then your BAC level will be 0.08. BAC level for commercial drivers is 0.04%

Consult a Specialized DUI Attorney

If you or a family member is arrested for DUI, you may need the services of a DUI attorney. A lawyer who specializes in defending DUI charges will evaluate all evidence, including the procedure and results of medical tests, to ensure that your rights are preserved. Also, it is essential to speak with a lawyer familiar with the laws of Virginia. Most of the lawyer offer free consultations, so your first step should be to contact a DUI attorney.